Rebranding for a local gym looking to grow business.

Royal Oak Gym is not only my sanctuary every morning, but also one hell of a gym. However, their previous website was not doing them any favors, and there was a desire to revamp to help gain new members. Being a “hole in a the wall” type of facility that a lot of people look past, a website that portrays exactly what the gym is about and what is has to offer is pivotal for the long-term success of the business. This is by far the best gym in the Royal Oak area, so the site needs to reflect that!

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Implementation of free pass unlike anything in the area. 

The previous website for Royal Oak Gym was not resulting in conversions. Many new features and sweeping changes to the site will help conversions going forward, but none more important than the free pass offering. In the Metro Detroit area, some other gyms offer free passes, but they are limited to local residents and try to throw you into an endless loop of sales tactics to get you to join. With our free pass, anyone can workout at Royal Oak Gym for free, with no annoying sales strategy attached. If you are visiting from out of state, you can still get your workout in.

Other facilities don’t offer this as an attempt to force visitors to pay a fee. But here, everyone is treated like family. The free pass offering is going to get more people in the door, and their positive experience will lead to an increase in referrals and positive online reviews, ultimately bringing in more members.

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