Marie Wold

The Problem

Marie Wold was gearing up to launch The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast, a podcast where she interviews hard-working & motivational women. While Marie had previously created the “Grind & Be Grateful” mantra and put it towards apparel, the launch of the podcast required a dedicated website capable of housing all of the show notes and audio.

The Project

Together with Marie, we built a website to be the main hub for The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast. The website sets the tone for the show, and houses all of the episode audio and notes.

Web Design

I’ll be honest- Marie made my job very easy. She came into this project with solid brand guidelines, making the choice of colors and fonts a breeze. Since the main focus of this website is the actual podcast episodes, I made sure it was incredibly easy to navigate and find the content you want- a clear, categorized site makes it simple to sort through the episodes and get episode previews before diving into any audio.

Grind & Be Grateful Podcast Website
Grind & Be Grateful Podcast Website

Full Podcast Support

When Marie completes a podcast episode, she is able to upload all of the content directly to her website without needing my support. By building in the audio support on the backend, each episode can quickly be loaded up with the proper imagery, audio, download sources, and show notes.