A complete brand makeover.

Jen is the sweetest woman on Earth, and her training is all about making fitness fun for everybody. Her previous brand did not truly reflect her approach to fitness, so she collaborated with me to create her new brand. By creating a new logo, playful typography, and a bright, fun color scheme, Jen’s brand is now truly reflective of her personality.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have partnered up with Matt for my new website! He’s been nothing but professional and proactive from the start which I sincerely appreciate. As someone who is truly passionate for the work they do, I can attest to how evident it is that Matt loves the work he does and thrives on helping his customers bring their brands to life online.


Whether sharing concepts he think would be a great fit for me and my personal brand, brainstorming with me regarding how to best attract new customers while providing content of value for them throughout the site and so much more, my experience working with Matt thus far has already exceeded my expectations.
I would highly recommend Matt’s expertise to anyone who is looking to revamp their current site, build a new website and more. “


A fully responsive website redesign.

Jen’s previous website was a sporadic mix of magazine features, blog posts, and text, with no clear objective. Together we simplified the messaging to focus on Jen’s training approach and what it would be like to train alongside her, both as a one-on-one client and a customer purchasing a workout program. Using first person language directly from Jen herself, her new website is much more personal to better appeal to her audience. And best of all, it looks great on any device.

(The full e-commerce portion of the website is still in production while products are being finalized)

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Optimizing conversions through superior opt-ins.

Building an audience and collecting emails was a very high priority with this project. In addition to having an opt-in form on every page of the website, we also built a powerful, automated modal that gives users exclusive access to a free e-book just for signing up.

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Homepage before & after

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