Creating a hub for an up-and-coming podcast.

Marie Wold came to me to help her launch her new podcast, The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast. Having already established a solid social media following and “Grind & Be Grateful” brand, she wanted to a website to act as the central hub for all-things podcast. Together, we created a site to house all of the show audios, breaking them up into categories, along with digestible show notes.

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A quality user experience

An easy, enjoyable listening experience.

The goal for The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast was to build a website that is super easy for listeners to navigate through. Each episode is easily loaded up to the site, along with the associated audio, show notes, image, and category, creating a flawless user experience. Listeners can easily navigate through the episodes and find everything they need.

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Creating a consistent brand across mediums.

Something that was very important when building this website was the branding. Marie has an incredible eye for the aesthetics and branding, which made my job easy. We were able to load up custom fonts throughout the site, and match the colors and overall style to the brand she had already been building. By keeping the branding consistent, we’re setting up Grind & Be Grateful to be instantly recognizable!

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