Brand Strategy

Rebranding a premium fitness equipment company

DynaPro is one of the premiere fitness equipment companies out there. Specializing in selling home workout equipment such as resistance bands, exercise balls, medicine balls, etc, DynaPro has always focused on selling their equipment. While the products have historically sold very well, the website has not made a lasting impact on the industry and has failed to build a true community. With my help, we are transforming DynaPro from simply a retailer, into a powerful and recognizable brand. One of the most important steps to this is creating and presenting high quality content and workout guides to become a reputable resource for all.

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The rebuilding and improvement of an e-commerce store.

Prior to my getting involved, the DynaPro website was slow and not converting well. With websites, and especially online stores, speed and performance could not be more important. I was able to restructure the framework of the entire site and take it from a load time of over 7 seconds, to under 3 seconds. With our ongoing partnership, I will continue to make site changes to continuously push design forward, improve the user experience, and propel performance.

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Marketing & SEO

Increasing traffic and building a loyal following.

Design improvements go a long way, but in order to reach true success, websites need to convert. Opt-ins throughout the website allow us to build an email list and send out occasional newsletters to retain and gain customers. By monitoring traffic and analytics, we are also able to optimize the current website, create new content, and eliminate what is not working. Using strategies such as user activity tracking, keyword monitoring, competitor analysis, and more, allows DynaPro to continue to grow.

Homepage before & after

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