Downtown Boxing Gym

The Problem

Through education, athletics, mentorship and intervention, the Downtown Boxing Gym empowers Detroit students to be positive and productive members of society. The Downtown Boxing Gym was accepting donations through many different platforms and using a separate donor management system, so managing all of it was proving difficult. Additionally, the website was not reflective of their mission and lacking in many areas, hurting the organization as a whole.

The Project

I had the incredible opportunity of teaming up with Raymond Querido, better known as The Online Coach. We are boosting his online sales through a completely redesigned online store, and have implemented automated sales funnels throughout the site to nearly eliminate the need for him to manage his website. Less time spent managing mundane tasks means more time promoting and selling his business.

Downtown Boxing Gym Detroit Website mockup

Web Design

Being a nonprofit, there are a lot of moving pieces to the organization. I wanted to build a website that would seamlessly connect all of these moving pieces to give the organization peace of mind that they never have to worry about their website. The website houses full staff bios, careers, volunteer opportunities, donate forms, gym signups, media, a shop, and more!

I offer my services to the Downtown Boxing Gym on an ongoing basis, so the website will continue to be under my watch to ensure it is all operating smoothly and effectively.

Donor Management

The previous website for the Downtown Boxing Gym housed a donate button that linked out to PayPal, where you had to carry out a donation within their system. While it was functional, this was not an ideal process. Under my guidance, we were able to build out an internal donate form on the website that allows a donor to quickly and easily make a donation, even if they are using a mobile device. By not requiring a donor to click through to a third-party (and having a toggle option to create a monthly recurring donation), Downtown Boxing Gym will continue see increased conversions and more donations moving forward.

In addition, I was able to build a full donor management system on the backend of the site. Rather than deal with a third-party service to integrate into the site, once donations are placed, either one time or recurring, it is all logged on the backend and connected to the respective donor information. The organization can easily view donations and pull reports without having to leave their own website! 

Downtown Boxing Gym