Starbucks Snickerdoodle Cold Brew recipe by The Macro Barista

Starbucks Snickerdoodle Cold Brew

@themacrobarista has done it again! I am a sucker for snickerdoodles, and I don’t care what the weather is outside, it is ALWAYS cold brew season. Gonna have to try this one verrryyy soon. Head on over to @themacrobarista page for tons more macro friendly coffee recipes!

How diet culture has affected the way we look at certain foods

The Effects of Diet Culture

Do you remember when life used to be simple? When you could drink a fruit smoothie, knowing that fruit is healthy. Or snack on granola because it’s convenient and flippin’ delicious. It was a time before the internet absolutely exploded with fad diets and extreme nutrition movements. Now you’re told that you should NEVER eat …

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Why egg yolks are just as healthy as egg whites

Benefits of Egg Yolks

Let’s talk about eggs for a second. It seems that diet culture goes back and forth between eggs being incredibly healthy overall, or terrible for your cholesterol. While egg whites are great if you’re looking to reduce calories, you’re missing out on most of what makes eggs so great by cutting out the yolk.? Due …

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Calvin & Hobbes life motivation

Where Is Your Life Headed?

This is for all my friends out there who have no idea what they want to do with their lives. That’s ok. There are very few people that end up doing exactly what they planned with their lives. But eventually, you find your purpose and everything falls into place. I promise. Growing up, I wanted …

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How to properly use food labels

How To Use Food Labels

This is your reminder that if you are tracking your macros and what you eat, that it is NOT exact. When foods are processed in bulk, nutritional info is based on averages, and they are rounded to look nicer so you don’t get stuck eating 113.63102 calories. Problem with processed food however, is each serving …

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How does halo top stack up against the competition

Halo Top Vs Edy’s

When I posted recently comparing Halo Top to Breyers, I received 2 major criticisms: 1, that Breyers is terrible. And 2, that most people don’t just eat plain vanilla ice cream. So here we go with Halo Top vs The Other Guys, part 2! The candybar #halotop is one of my favorite flavors they make, and is …

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Are veggie chips healthier than potato chips?

Veggie Chips vs Potato Chips

Vegetable Chips ? Potato Chips. Surely vegetable chips are healthier because they’re made from veggies, right? ?‍♂️ Looking at strictly the macros, they are nearly identical. Sure the nutritional info will vary slightly based on the particular brand, but expect to see similar numbers across the board… Buzzwords in the fitness industry is nothing new. …

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Breaking down what the term "macros" means

What Are Macros?

We in the fitness world throw around the term “macros” every day, but I’ve recently come to realize that so many people out there don’t really know what that refers to. “If it fits your macros”, “track your macros”, it can sound like a different language if you’re just starting out… Macronutrients are simply protein, …

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Online fitness trainer social media

How to use social media to market and grow your online fitness training business

It’s 2017. Virtually everyone and their mother is using some form of social media. Especially Facebook. Moms love Facebook. Most businesses understand that they need social media profiles, but very few understand how to properly utilize them. Assuming you know the basics of social media, I want to dig into how to effectively market your …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Web Design

Simple, effective changes you can make to your own website right now to increase conversions

If you’re here, it’s likely you are not a web guru. And that’s okay! You’re a fitness professional, and that is what you intend to focus on. That’s why you have me. I’m here to make your life a little bit easier, and your web business more successful. I am not selling you anything here. I …

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How you know when it's time to go off on your own

Do what you love…

To the 10 year-old kid that wanted to be his own boss and create cartoons for a living… I’m doing this for you. I had been mulling over the idea of leaving my full-time job for quite some time. You see, I really enjoyed my job, but I’ve always felt like I was destined for more. …

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