Full nutritional guide for Wendy's fast food burgers

Wendy’s Nutrition Guide

  I won’t tell you what the healthiest Wendy’s item is- that’s for you to choose! But use these guides to help you choose next time you find yourself hungry and/or conveniently at Wendy’s! For me, the choice is always the spicy chicken sandwich. It’s just so good! You might be surprised at just how …

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When someone starts telling me why I shouldn't be eating what I'm eating

Eat What You Want.

Thank you for choosing the worst possible time to talk to me. Now go away and let me eat. What someone else chooses to eat is none of your damn business. We all have different tastes, we all have different goals, and we all have different morals. If I’m eating meat, don’t talk to me …

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Chipotle calorie and nutrition guide

Chipotle Nutrition Guide

Where are my Chipotle fans at?! Save this guide to use before your next Chipotle run. Whether you aim to eat low carb, high protein, or anything in between, this should help you compile the perfect meal to fit your goals. Note that these macros are never going to be exact. You know how it …

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What is clean bulking and how do you do it

How To Clean Bulk

For the record, I hate the term “clean bulk”. Generally speaking, a clean bulk is referring to eating a whole lot of healthy foods in order to gain pure muscle mass. On the flip side, a so-called “dirty bulk” is eating a butt ton of junk food to gain as much weight as possible, not …

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What is a guilt free snack considered?

Guilt-Free Snacking

I recently ended up on the Kind Bar website, where I was greeted with the headline “guilt-free indulgence.” We need to address this. I don’t want my message to ever get confusing. I post food alternatives and macro comparisons here to help EDUCATE people, not to guilt them. Nutrition is not black & white, and …

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The caloric difference between grapes and raisins

Grapes Vs Raising

This is NOT an “eat this, not that” post. There is nothing wrong with raisins, and I’m not telling you to choose grapes instead. Enjoy them both. But there is a major difference here in terms of volume, and it’s an important theme to understand. You can throw down a handful of raisins, but you’ll …

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Calories of commonly used condiments

A Caloric Guide To Condiments

If you count your calories but don’t include the condiments, you could be neglecting hundreds of extra calories… If you read the nutritional information, most condiments will look very low calorie. But a lot of these labels list a single teaspoon or a tablespoon as a serving size. The standard cup for restaurants or takeout …

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What are antioxidants and why do you need them

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants, our unsung hero. You know they’re good for you, but do you actually know why? Well, now you will! Our bodies need oxygen to survive. When oxygen is used to carry-out bodily functions (oxidation), it creates unwanted byproducts. Say hello to free radicals! Free radicals are totally normal, and we all have them. But …

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The differences between all natural and organic

All-Natural vs Organic

Natural and Organic, while they sound the same, are verryyy different. If you don’t like reading, here is your summary: certified organic is heavily regulated and is GUARANTEED to be completely organic. All-natural is a label that anybody in the world can use and is not regulated. So what does “all natural” actually mean? Not …

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What exactly are superfoods?

What Exactly Are Superfoods?

Superfoods, one of the most misunderstood and misleading concepts within the health industry today. As a really cool sounding buzzword, it’s easy to see “superfood” and immediately gravitate towards it. I mean, any food that’s “super” has to be very good for you… The category of “superfood” is completely made up. There are no hard-set …

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How to properly approach your nutrition

How To Prioritize Nutrition

Nutrition: it’s actually quite simple. Use this pyramid as a reminder of where your priorities should be. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, these are the guidelines you should be following. ❶ Calories. You often hear “calories in vs calories out” for good reason. No matter what your goals are, calories (energy) …

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How fat gain actually works

Understanding Fat Gain

We don’t need to overcomplicate it. If you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. That is where fat comes from. Not eating fruit, or bread, or dairy… I’m not advocating eating disgusting amounts of any one particular food. Overall yes, you should eat “healthy”. But people are afraid to eat certain …

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