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Plant-Based Burger Calorie & Nutrition Guide

Plant-based burgers: making plant-based eating easier, one burger at a time.

But are plant-based burgers healthier?

How do their calories compare to beef?

Plant-based burger nutrition

In the past few years, plant-based meat has popped up everywhere. We’ve always had veggie burgers, but this new wave of “fake meat” actually resembles meat, helping tons of people shift to a more plant-based diet.

It wasn’t until putting this guide together that I realized just how many different options there are out there. My knowledge of plant-based meats started and ended with Impossible Burger & Beyond Burger. But there are even more than I could fit in this guide!

I’ve tried the two big names in the game (Impossible and Beyond) and I didn’t hate them, but I didn’t love them either. I much prefer a beef burger and I don’t think these can perfectly replicate the taste, but if you’re shifting to a vegan or plant-based diet, I can definitely see the appeal of these as a meat replacement.

Beef vs Plant-Based Burgers

Looking at the nutrition, plant-based burgers most closely resemble 80/20 or 85/15 beef. So, if you’re someone who enjoys extra lean meat, these plant-based meats won’t compare nutritionally.

A lean 90/10 burger is going to have lower fat, lowe carbs, and more protein, which will generally be more appealing for most.

Nutritionally & calorically, the plant-based burgers are not necessarily healthier. However, your definition of “healthy” might go well beyond the nutritional aspect here.

If you are environmentally conscious or vegan for ethical reasons, clearly the plant-based options are going to be MUCH healthier for you.

I don’t follow a plant-based diet, but I appreciate good food and am always willing to try something new. I’ll try some new ones here and check back in with some of my favorites when the time comes!

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