As a born-and-raised New Yorker, I will forever have a special place in my heart for pizza. But it’s one of those foods that unless you’re eating at a popular chain, it’s very difficult to estimate the macros of.

That’s when utilizing the information from the popular chains is incredibly useful! When I can’t find nutritional information, I like to find 2 comparable restaurants that provide nutritional information and find the averages- when you do that, it’s a pretty safe bet that your estimate will be pretty darn close.

For this guide, I used both Domino’s and Papa John’s. Regardless of how you feel about their pizza (the pizza snob in me cringes a little bit) the sizes of their large pizzas are pretty standard, making the topping estimates fairly accurate!

These macros are for a single slice of pizza, and they may feel surprisingly low to you- I mean, 15 calories of chorizo? But when it comes to pizza toppings on a single slice, it’s actually a very small amount of each, especially when dealing with multiple toppings.

Certain toppings are going to be laid on their a bit heavier, and obviously it will vary greatly on the pizzeria, but use this as a guide. If you ever visit Long Island, you can probably multiple each topping by 5 for a single slice, which I’m not mad about.

A large slice of pizza will usually have roughly 300 calories, so add these topping calories on top of that! And to my fellow pizza snobs, I apologize for putting pineapple on this list. People like it, for some reason.


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