Just because a food is organic, it does not mean it’s healthy.

Sure, if your definition of healthy is that a food doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives, then organic food is healthy. But if you’re trying to lose weight or simply improve your body composition, organic food is no better for you than any other food.

Processed food that is organic is still processed food. They’re just processed without some of the artificial ingredients.

If you view sugar unhealthy, then organic sugar is also unhealthy. Organic pop tarts and cookies are still very much loaded up with sugar.

If you view lard unhealthy, then organic lard is still unhealthy. A food can be deep fried in lard, and you wouldn’t consider it healthy just because it’s organic.

You can load a food up with all the butter & corn syrup in the world and it can STILL be organic.

You see what I’m getting at.

Next time you’re at the store, go ahead and compare an organic product with its non-organic counterpart. Whether that be potato chips, cereal, whatever! Nutritionally, I’m willing to bet that the products are nearly identical. The only differences you’ll find are a few different ingredients used.

Just be smart. Obviously there is nothing wrong with organic food, especially if you want to avoid the artificial ingredients. But if you’re looking out for your weight, you do not need to concern yourself with organic foods, because they offer no benefit in that department.

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