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One Unhealthy Meal Won’t Ruin Your Progress

One of the simplest concepts when it comes to dieting is also one of the hardest to accept.

It’s easy to feel like we’re ruining our progress after an unhealthy meal. When we’re so used to eating really healthy, a large meal makes it feel like we instantly offset everything we’ve worked so hard for.

And yet, we don’t go and eat a super healthy meal and feel like we’re right back on track.

Why wouldn’t it work both ways?

We rarely look at it from both sides. We see our “failures” and magnify them to make them feel way worse than they are. But we don’t celebrate our successes (in this case, a healthy meal) because we view it as the norm.

It’s all about perspective. If you eat as healthy as possible for one day, you’re not going to see results. We know that. So if you eat really unhealthy one day, you’re not going to ruin your progress. Not even close.

This stuff takes time. And it takes being consistent over that time- one outlier won’t change that.

Whatever unhealthy food you ate, you simply move on. That’s all you can do. Put it behind you and continue towards your goals and you won’t even notice a setback.

If you ever feel bad about anything you ate (which you NEVER should), think back to this concept. No meal is ever going to offset your progress…especially pizza. Stop being mean to pizza.

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