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Omelet Nutrition Guide

When you cook your own breakfast, an “omelet” really just means scrambled eggs with a bunch of stuff in it. They’re nearly impossible to master. If you can make them, please teach me your secrets.

When I go out to breakfast, I almost order myself an omelet. This graphic was made frankly because I needed the reference for myself, but I think it will be of use to some of you as well!

The servings I used here are taken from two large breakfast chains in this country (Denny’s and Perkins) because they have their nutritional information publicly available- these numbers won’t always be the same, but we can use them as solid approximations!

There are a few tricks I like to use when ordering omelets to maximize my macros…

I almost always order a veggie omelet, and then I get the meat of my choice on the side. Raw veggies will help create a solid meal while adding virtually no calories, and getting meat on the side allows you to get more than you’d normally get inside the omelet! When it comes to cheese, I like to order light cheese- most places will give you 2 slices of cheese, if not more, so I like to lessen that when I can.

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