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The Unofficial Official Nutrition Guide is here.

Helping you make sense of all the confusing nutrition info out there.

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Nutrition doesn't need to be so complicated.

Nutrition doesn't need to be so complicated.

You don’t want to become a Registered Dietitian, you just want to know how to live a healthy life. The problem is, the internet is a pool of conflicting information and arguing, so it makes it impossible to figure out what information to trust.

That’s where this e-book comes in. This book contains everything you want to know about the basics of nutrition, and nothing you don’t.

What's in the book?

The (Unofficial) Official Nutrition Guide is 150+ pages of everything you could possibly want to know about the basics of nutrition. We’re going to cut through all the nonsense and get right to the things that you actually WANT to know.

Featured content:

Explore all the topics:

Breaking down calories, macronutrients, & micronutrients

  1. Reading the nutrition facts
  2. FDA regulations
  3. Making sense of net carbs
  4. Added sugar
  5. The different types of fat
  6. Sodium & cholesterol
  7. Organic, natural, & processed food
  1. What makes a diet?
  2. What’s a caloric deficit, anyway?
  3. energy expenditure (calories out)
  4. patience: the secret ingredient
  5. When/how to lower calories
  6. reverse dieting
  7. What to eat & What not to eat
  8. cheat days: are they necessary?
  9. the Flexible dieting approach
  10. It’s not always about losing Weight
  1. Calculating your own caloric needs
  2. Figuring out your macros
  3. cycling your calories
  1. getting started With Food tracking apps
  2. measuring portions and Weighing Food
  3. Weighing food cooked versus raw
  4. do you need to track everything?
  5. tracking alcohol
  6. hoW to track When eating out
  7. When to stop tracking
  8. is tracking right For you?
  9. knowing What or how much to eat if you are not tracking
  1. My staple foods
  2. Five easy bulk recipes
  3. Five recipes in 15 minutes or less
  4. Basic meal prep tips
  5. Sample full days of eating based on goals
  6. Getting in enough protein
  1. Setting realistic expectations
  2. Breaking through plateaus
  3. Looking beyond the scale
  4. Dealing with setbacks
  5. BMI: a terrible measure of progress
  1. Food isn’t good or Bad
  2. “eat this, not that”
  3. everything in moderation
  4. how to handle cravings
  5. dealing With overeating
  6. others judging your Food choices
  7. your Food choices do not define you
  8. having Bad days
  9. striving For perfection
  10. Finding the right Balance
  1. starvation mode
  2. detox tea
  3. Fat Burners
  4. negative calorie Foods
  5. Taking advice from doctors
  6. eating at night
  7. celery juice
  8. the anabolic Window
  9. clean Bulking
  10. apple cider vinegar
  11. intermittent Fasting
  12. spot-reducing
  13. protein absorption limit
  14. meal Frequency
  15. daily calories
  16.  turning Fat into muscle
  17. Fasted cardio
  18. sugar causes Weight gain
  1. Making sense of health studies
  2. The chocolate diet hoax
  1. Your view is skewed
  2. Social media influencers and “fitness models”
  3. You do not have to lose weight

Get all of this now for only $39.99!

Don't just take it from me

This book is for you if...

You're tired of yo-yo dieting and want sustainable results

You're overwhelmed by all the conflicting information online

You want to start tracking macros

You want to improve your relationship with food

You want to learn the basics of nutrition without all the fluff

you want to take your life back and not let dieting rule your life

This book is not for you if...

You have an underlying disease that needs special dietary attention

you want to learn about advanced topics (we keep it basic around here)

You're already a nutrition pro with nothing left to learn

You're looking for help in the hormone department (that's not my area of expertise)

You have no sense of humor

you're looking for a diet quick-fix

Take a peek inside

Want to take a look inside the book? Your wish is my command.

Get all of this now for only $39.99!


Check your email- you’ll receive a download link to access your .pdf ebook.

If any aspect of nutrition confuses you, this book should be able to help. If you’ve ever wondered “should I try ___ diet,” or, “is this food healthy?” then this book is for you. No matter what aspect of nutrition you struggle with, there’s a section in this book to help!

Unfortunately I’m not at liberty to say. A large portion of this book discusses how to repair your relationship with food, and I tackle a lot of the mental side of dieting & nutrition. But if it’s triggering for you to read about calories & macros, just know that they are discussed at length. This book is not meant to diagnose or treat eating disorders, so please make sure you contact and professional and don’t solely rely on this e-book.

It’s not. I did my best to cover a wide variety of topics, not just dieting. A heavy focus of this book is on the dieting aspect, because that is the area where so much conflicting and confusing information is, but it’s not the sole purpose of this book. While I want to help make dieting easier and more sustainable, there is plenty of other information on understanding food labels, some staple high protein recipes of mine, calculating your own calories and macros, debunking a bunch of various myths, and more. 

The book clocks in at just over 150 pages! And while I included charts and graphics, I didn’t use it to pad the pages- you’re getting a ton of content! That being said, this isn’t meant to to be read like a novel, so don’t worry about having to read 150 pages. I organized this book so you can bounce around between topics or skip sections all together if you’d really like to.

Nope, this book is nutrition only! I debating including some fitness topics, but there is far too much to cover, so it didn’t seem to fit into this book.

If you still have questions, email me directly at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help!