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Kick off your summer

with waffles

Your summer needs more waffles. So here's a really sweet deal for you (yes, pun intended)

I'm bundling my book of 100 high-protein waffle recipes with the expansion pack of recipes. If you bought both books on their own, it would run ya $55.

But I'm feeling super generous...

get both books for only $20!

Yeah, that's about 65% off.

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This recipe book is my pride and joy. If you’ve seen my making waffles on my IG stories, this is the same base waffle recipe I’ve used for years. I designed this book to start with one of 3 simple base recipes so you can make your own mix in bulk and whip up waffles whenever you want to!

everything is better in waffle form...

some more protein waffles inside

Chicken & waffles

protein chicken & waffles

Coffee crumb cake

Protein Waffle crumb cake

dutch Stroopwafels

protein stroopwafels

Mozzarella Sticks

Protein mozzarella stick Waffle

pretzel waffle

Protein pretzel Waffle

Garlic bread

Protein garlic bread Waffle

Cannoli sandwiches

Protein cannoli Waffle

Egg McWaffle

Protein Waffle Breakfast sandwich

+ over 88 more!

preview one of my favorite protein waffles

Beyond the


35 protein-packed recipes you can make with waffle mix (that aren't waffles)

Make yourself some protein waffle mix in bulk, and use that to make a bunch of other really fun recipes! Whether you want a stuffed crust pizza, or some brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, there’s a recipe in this book for you. I know that not everyone wants waffles, so you can make a whole bunch of other stuff with that same mix…

Beyond the waffle iron

All your questions answered

Check your email- you’ll receive a download link to access your .pdf ebooks. Save those files and you’ll be good to go.

I understand there are people reading this from all over the world, and I know some ingredients may not be available to everyone. I’ve included all of the brands that I use and recommend, but you can use others that are available to you. Don’t worry, I have recommendations within the book as well!

For a quick breakdown, these are the main ingredients you’ll need for the standard recipe:

  • All Purpose Flour (or whole wheat)
  • Oat Flour
  • Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Buttermilk Powder
  • Baking Powder
  • Vanilla Protein Powder

Most of these I get right off Amazon, and I have links in the book. You may not have much need for Vital Wheat Gluten or Buttermilk Powder for any other recipes outside of this book, but if you make waffles often enough, they’ll be worth the purchase!

Get yourself one ASAP! Allow me to help:

I highly, highly recommend the Cusinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker. Yes, it makes two at a time! This is the one I use and it is so much better than any others I’ve tried. Check it out.

If that feels like too much, you can go one step down and get Cusinart’s Belgian Waffle Maker that only makes one (so it’s cheaper). Check it out.

I don’t recommend buying a cheap waffle maker because they always seem to break, but if you MUST, just know that there are plenty of cheap options out there! I recommend sticking with a Belgian waffle maker, but any waffle maker will work. Here is one under $20.

No, we don’t shy away from carbs here, so they won’t work on a keto diet.

Each recipe is going to vary (don’t worry, the book includes this info for every waffle), but here is the nutritional information for one plain waffle:
  • 190 Calories
  • 1.5g Fat
  • 28.5g Carbs (3g fiber & 3g sugar)
  • 15g Protein
These numbers are slightly different for the gluten-free & vegan versions, but very similar! Keep in mind that this is assuming you use all of the same ingredients & brands as I do, so there is likely going to be variation in each recipe. But this should give you a general idea!

The highest protein content is the chicken & waffles, with 63g of protein per serving!

The protein waffle mix that we’re creating in this book has a specific gluten-free version that I have enjoyed countless times for myself even though I am not gluten-free.

Outside of the base mix, there are gluten-free substitutions for most recipes 🙂

The protein waffle mix that we’re creating in this book has a specific dairy-free version that I have enjoyed countless times for myself, and have been tested by many others.

Outside of the base mix, there are dairy-free substitutions & recommendations for most recipes 🙂

I utilize a sugar substitute (typically erythritol) in many recipes, although the regular mix on its own doesn’t require any.

Personally, artificial sweeteners/substitutes do not bother me. That being said, they are not required ingredients, and any recipe that calls for sugar substitute can easily be made with real sugar, or another sweetener of your choice (I explain further in the book)

Most are! If you are gluten-free or dairy-free, I do use an almond flour in the base protein waffle mix, but the standard recipe contains no nuts.

If you have any specific allergen concerns, please email me at and I’d be happy to clear anything up.

It took me many tries, but I created a base recipe that doesn’t taste like protein powder at all! Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of traditional “protein waffles” either. I mean, they just taste like protein powder.

I can promise you, these have the taste and texture of everyday waffles!

Sure! The standard recipe assumes you’ll be making Belgian protein waffles, but they’ll all work if you make smaller waffles too (or mini waffles). Feel free to freeze them and throw them into the toaster or oven for a quick meal.

I’ve also included instructions on how to prep your mix in bulk, so you can simply scoop out a serving and make a protein waffle quickly.

No way! I wanted to make these as easy as possible to whip up. Almost every single recipe is a “just add liquid” recipe, with the exception of any toppings or mix-ins required. The standard waffle is just your powdered mixture + water or milk! No eggs or oil required.

Not a question, but I hear ya. I’ve included simple step-by-step instructions in this book on how I clean my waffle maker. Don’t worry, it’s way easier than you think.

All sales of the book are final. I would truly love to be able to offer you a refund if you are unhappy, but I can’t run the risk of people buying the book, saving the pdf, and then getting their money back. I hope that once you read through this whole page that you will know exactly what you are buying and there are no surprises or disappointment.

Well, there are many reasons why your waffle may not be turning out. This book has tons of tips to help you perfect your waffles, but if you’re still having a hard time, message me on IG and we’ll see if we can figure it out together.


Did you know I also have a nutrition e-book where I break down allllll the topics I talk about on Instagram? It's 150 pages of easily digestible nutrition content.

The Unofficial Official Nutrition Guide

All the topics inside:

Breaking down calories, macronutrients, & micronutrients

  1. Reading the nutrition facts
  2. FDA regulations
  3. Making sense of net carbs
  4. Added sugar
  5. The different types of fat
  6. Sodium & cholesterol
  7. Organic, natural, & processed food
  1. What makes a diet?
  2. What’s a caloric deficit, anyway?
  3. energy expenditure (calories out)
  4. patience: the secret ingredient
  5. When/how to lower calories
  6. reverse dieting
  7. What to eat & What not to eat
  8. cheat days: are they necessary?
  9. the Flexible dieting approach
  10. It’s not always about losing Weight
  1. Calculating your own caloric needs
  2. Figuring out your macros
  3. cycling your calories
  1. getting started With Food tracking apps
  2. measuring portions and Weighing Food
  3. Weighing food cooked versus raw
  4. do you need to track everything?
  5. tracking alcohol
  6. hoW to track When eating out
  7. When to stop tracking
  8. is tracking right For you?
  9. knowing What or how much to eat if you are not tracking
  1. My staple foods
  2. Five easy bulk recipes
  3. Five recipes in 15 minutes or less
  4. Basic meal prep tips
  5. Sample full days of eating based on goals
  6. Getting in enough protein
  1. Setting realistic expectations
  2. Breaking through plateaus
  3. Looking beyond the scale
  4. Dealing with setbacks
  5. BMI: a terrible measure of progress
  1. Food isn’t good or Bad
  2. “eat this, not that”
  3. everything in moderation
  4. how to handle cravings
  5. dealing With overeating
  6. others judging your Food choices
  7. your Food choices do not define you
  8. having Bad days
  9. striving For perfection
  10. Finding the right Balance
  1. starvation mode
  2. detox tea
  3. Fat Burners
  4. negative calorie Foods
  5. Taking advice from doctors
  6. eating at night
  7. celery juice
  8. the anabolic Window
  9. clean Bulking
  10. apple cider vinegar
  11. intermittent Fasting
  12. spot-reducing
  13. protein absorption limit
  14. meal Frequency
  15. daily calories
  16.  turning Fat into muscle
  17. Fasted cardio
  18. sugar causes Weight gain
  1. Making sense of health studies
  2. The chocolate diet hoax
  1. Your view is skewed
  2. Social media influencers and “fitness models”
  3. You do not have to lose weight

Normally $40, you can snag this one for $20 as well!