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Making The Right Food Choices

Moderation- one of the most difficult concepts for someone to grasp when it comes to dieting.

We get so caught up in the whole “eat this not that” narrative, that it feels like lots of foods are off limits. Or if we choose a donut that we are somehow doing something wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a donut. Should you choose one every single day? Maybe not. But it is never the “wrong choice”. If you practice moderation, there is no such thing as making the wrong choice when it comes to food. Pizza, fries, donuts, cookies, whatever, it’s all okay. You’re not a bad person for wanting them, and you’re not failing for opting for the less optimal choice.

Learning moderation is learning how to enjoy your life and the foods you love while still staying on track to your goals. Opting for fruit instead of a donut sometimes is a great idea. But choosing the donut sometimes is also a great idea if it’s going to make you happy!

Food provides physical nourishment, but it can also provide mental nourishment. Choosing nutritious foods is going to be better for your overall health, but choosing a less nutritious food that you love is going to bring you happiness- and who doesn’t want that?

It’s about learning how to do both. You’re not a robot- you don’t need to choose the perfect option every single time. Sometimes the donut is indeed a great choice.

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