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Protein Bar Madness

Welcome to March Madness: Protein Bar Edition!

How it works: The tournament is broken up into 4 different conferences of related products in an effort to give every bar a chance! The winning bar from each conference will face off in the Final 4, and ultimately one bar will be crowned champion.

The prizes: One winner will receive a box of the winning bar, a copy of the book “Will It Waffle?”, and a brand new “Cheat Day” shirt!

Second place will also receive a copy of “Will It Waffle?”, along with a “Cheat Day” sticker.

3 runner-ups will also receive a “Cheat Day” sticker along with one of the winner bars!

If there are multiple winners, a random drawing will take place with the winners.

Entering the contest is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Like the post on Instagram
2. In a comment on that post, make your guesses for the Final 4 (the winners from each conference) and the ultimate champion!
3. Tag a friend to challenge them to compete against you!

Voting will kick off this Thursday (the 22nd) and will take place in my IG stories, so stay tuned!

Protein Bar March Madness


Protein Bar March Madness


Protein Bar March Madness


Protein Bar March Madness

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