Since a lot of you will be relaxing with some drinks this weekend, I wanted to help you out a bit. Kicking back with a drink doesn’t mean totally derailing your progress. You can easily fit a few drinks into your day without packing on tons of calories.

While these may not be exact, the differences in brands will only be very minimal. So if you’re comparing different vodkas, they are going to have nearly identical calories. There are more options than the ones I listed, obviously, but these all come in around 100 calories and are great choices!

When it comes to beer, it’s safest to stick with light beers. However, I was really surprised to see that Guinness has just 126 calories, which is not bad at all! A shot of hard liquor is going to come in between 96-110 calories, but it’s safe to just estimate 100 calories to keep it round. Cocktails typically have a ton of sugar and extra calories, but you can mix liquor with diet soda for no added calories! Gin and diet tonic, Captain and Diet Coke, etc. Still delicious and low calorie!

When all is said and done, I hope you can have a drink or two and not stress about it ruining your progress. But if you’re counting your calories and macros, this should help!

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