Life Is All About Balance

Nutriton balance
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I always recommend eating whatever you like and not restricting yourself, but I’m worried that message sometimes gets misconstrued.

I truly think you should eat whatever it is that you love. Whether that’s pizza, donuts, burgers, or cereal, you should allow yourself to enjoy those foods when you want.

But there is a limit.

If we had those foods every single day with no self-control, we’d be incredibly unhealthy.

On the flip side, we shouldn’t be constantly restricting ourselves, either. Being able to turn down a donut is great. But if you love donuts and attempt to never eat a donut again for the rest of your life, that’s taking it too far.

There’s a limit.

Nutrition always comes down to balance. Weight management means balancing calories in vs calories out. Controlling cravings means balancing when to indulge and when to control yourself. Your overall health is a balance of foods that nourish your body and foods that nourish your soul (Donuts don’t nourish my body very much, but they make me damn happy)

When we talk about nutrition, it’s incredibly important to remember this concept.

We can talk about indulging, but we have to understand that it does not mean ALWAYS indulging.

We can talk about controlling calories, but have to understand that we don’t ALWAYS have to do that.

Finding that balance isn’t necessarily easy, but it is very, very important.

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