It’s Okay…

food choices
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You’re allowed to make your own choices when it comes to eating. And so is everyone else.

Nobody has all the answers. If going Keto has made you feel like a million bucks, that’s amazing. But it’s not going to do that for everybody. If you’ve decided to go vegan because it’s something you believe is right, that’s also amazing. But that doesn’t mean that everybody else should want to go vegan as well.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any one way of eating, but there is everything wrong with believing that it’s the ONLY way of eating.

If anybody tries to tell you that you need to eat a certain way, they’re not somebody worth listening to. Unless of course you are paying them to tell you how to eat.

Experiment with different ways of eating. Find what works for you. If certain foods make you feel crappy, cut them out. If others make you feel good, keep eating them. If you have a very busy daytime schedule, maybe try intermittent fasting. If you love to snack, maybe break your day up into smaller meals to eat more frequently.

The only rule here is that there are no rules. And once you realize that, this whole eating healthy thing will become much easier.

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