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Is Processed Food Unhealthy?

Processed food is NOT unhealthy.

So many times I hear of someone giving up processed food in order to try to be healthier. And while I commend the effort, that is completely unnecessary. And quite frankly, it’s going to make eating “healthy” much more difficult for you.

By definition, a food is considered processed if it has been altered in any way. If it is put into a package, cooked, frozen, ANYTHING, then it counts. Spinach is considered processed if it’s in a container. Almonds are considered processed if they’re roasted. Organic lean beef is processed if it’s ground up. Frozen vegetables are processed because they’re frozen.

Even if these things are 100% organic, they are all still processed. And I don’t know about you, but I consider them all to be great choices.

When we think of processed, we usually just think of food that has been very heavily processed- junk food, as we’ve come to know it. These foods typically have added ingredients & chemicals that many consider unhealthy. But the fact that they are processed is not what makes them less healthy- the contents are.

If you set out to give up processed food, understand what you are giving up. There are plenty of incredibly healthy options out there that are indeed processed!

In most cases, someone trying to give up processed food is really trying to give up “junk” food. Learn to read the labels and ingredients and make informed decisions for yourself- don’t limit yourself because something is “processed”.

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