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Is it time for a rest day?

Is time for you to take some time off?

For a very long time, I would hit the gym 6-7 days per week. I felt pretty good and I hated taking time off, so I figured I why not just work out every day? Occasionally I’d take a day off, but more often than not, I was on team #nodaysoff.

It took me a few years to really learn the importance of recovery. While I thought I was being hardcore, I was actually just being stupid.

Once I started resting, even just 2 days per week, my recovery improved greatly. I felt better physically AND mentally, and I actually started to see results faster. It sounds counterintuitive, but when I worked out less, I saw greater results.

That’s because we grow outside of the gym. If you want to build muscle and/or strength, you absolutely NEED to allow your body to rest. If you beat your muscles up 7 days per week, they’ll never get a real chance to recover and grow.

That doesn’t mean being completely sedentary- on my rest days, I still try to get close to 10K steps to remain relatively active. But otherwise, I allow my muscles to fully rest.

If any of the above examples sound like you, it’s probably time to take some time off. At the very least, take a day off. But if you’ve gone a long time with minimal rest, even a week can be extremely beneficial.

I typically work out 5 days per week and rest over the weekend- how many rest days do you take per week?

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