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Intermittent Fasting

I get asked all the time how I feel about intermittent fasting (IF), so let’s talk about it.

IF definitely works well for some people. But like anything else when it comes to weight loss, 2 important things must be understood. 1) It’s not a miracle diet and 2) It’s not for everyone.

IF is basically not eating for most of the day, and then eating for a smaller window during the day (or night). The reason this helps people lose weight is because it’s harder to eat as many calories during a small window. If you normally eat 2200 calories throughout the day, you might find that you’re satisfied eating only 1800 calories given the smaller amount of time.

Simply put, IF might lead you to eat less food. But it also might not. There is a very real chance that you won’t eat all day, but then eat just as many calories at night anyway, in which case you won’t lose any weight.

IF is often touted as this incredible diet where you don’t have to watch what you eat and you’ll magically lose weight. People claim that they change nothing about their diet but still lose weight. And that’s just not true. If someone is losing weight with IF, it’s because they are now eating less. Period.

It can be a great tool, for sure. If you’re not super hungry during the day, maybe you find that fasting all day works really well for you.

Personally, I love eating in the morning. And in the afternoon. And at night. Intermittent fasting is NOT for me. It might be for you, but don’t expect a miracle. Use it as a tool, but nothing more.

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