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How To Use Food Labels

This is your reminder that if you are tracking your macros and what you eat, that it is NOT exact. When foods are processed in bulk, nutritional info is based on averages, and they are rounded to look nicer so you don’t get stuck eating 113.63102 calories. Problem with processed food however, is each serving varies. See the examples here…

When I unwrap a Quest bar and it’s got some great chunkage, I’m super excited. Same concept goes for swirls/chunks in your ice cream, or marshmallows/clusters in your bowl of cereal. While it’s exciting to have a serving that is loaded, it is most definitely changing the macros. The last bowl of cereal that is packed with marshmallows that have settled on the bottom of the box is going to have more sugar and calories than that first bowl (but taste waaaay better)

So, what’s the point here? It’s not that you should stress about how many calories you’re eating. It’s the exact opposite. Food labels are estimates, and we’re constantly overeating and undereating, but it all balances out in the end! When you track your macros, just try to be CLOSE to your goals and don’t get stressed about exact numbers. When the end of the day rolls around and you’re upset that you ate an extra 100 calories, well, there’s actually a good chance you didn’t! Live yo life and embrace the chunkage.

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