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How To Stay on Track While Traveling

I’m on the road heading over to the Arnold Expo this weekend, so I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that you can very easily stay on track while traveling! The key is to prepare.

The most obvious way to prepare is to literally pack your own meals and snacks. By doing this, you’ll know exactly what you are consuming- but this isn’t always the most practical solution.

Something I always like to do is research local restaurants ahead of time. If you’re lucky, places will provide their nutritional information online. But worst case scenario, you can get a peek at the menu and find some healthier options ahead of time!

Staying hydrated will help you out a ton, too. When we travel, it’s very easy to forget to drink water often, which can really screw with the way you feel during your trip. But in terms of staying on track, drinking water will help to curb your cravings and lessen those urges to constantly be snacking when you don’t want to be!

One very useful trick is to save your “must-have” food for the end of your trip. If you’re in Chicago, odds are you’re going to try some authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. Rather than going out and getting it right when you arrive, plan to save that for your last meal before you head home. This not only gives you something to look forward to, but makes it easier to stay on track the rest of the trip knowing you have it waiting for you at the end.

My biggest tip… allow yourself to get off track! I’m all for making smart decisions and being healthy while traveling. But if that is going to ruin your trip, allow yourself to indulge. You can hop off the wagon for an entire weekend (or more) if you need to. Know you can just get right back on track when you get home.

If you’re traveling for enjoyment, the most important thing should be to actually enjoy your trip. If that means enjoying some untracked, delicious foods, you should be able to enjoy them!

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