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How To Get Back On Track After Over-Indulging

How To Get Back On Track After Over-Indulging

I want to make one thing clear: I fully believe you should be able to enjoy the holiday and eat what you’d like without worrying about your calories. But I also understand that many of us out there have specific goals and we want to stay on track- so this one is for you!

Between the large Thanksgiving dinner, endless desserts, drinks and snacks, it’s not difficult to over-indulge on Thanksgiving. Let’s say that at the end of the day, you consume a total of 4,500 calories, but your normal daily consumption is 2,500 calories. Rather than looking at it as a single day and beating yourself up (since the calories are nearly double what you are used to) let’s look at the entire week instead…

If you eat your normal 2,500 daily calories, you will have consumed 17,500 calories at the end of the week.

If you eat 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving, but you also eat just 300 calories less on the other days of the week, you will have consumed 17,700 calories at the end of week- nearly identical!

When you look at the big picture of a full week, it makes everything so much more manageable. Maybe 4,500 calories is an extreme example- if you consume 3,500 calories on Thanksgiving, you’d simply cut 150 calories out of every other day of the week and end up in the same exact spot, which is very manageable!

I don’t track my calories super closely, but I use this approach in my daily life- if I have a special occasion coming up or I know I’m going to be eating a lot, I simply eat a little bit less on the days surrounding it.

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