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How To Drink Enough Fluid…

How To Drink Enough Fluid…

I cannot overstate how important it is to drink enough water. Problem is, people think it’s impossible for them to drink enough water throughout the day. The scenario on the right happens, and you’re left thinking “I didn’t drink a single glass of water today…” If you don’t drink enough water, so many areas of your health will suffer. If you’ve ever felt dehydrated, you know how crappy of a feeling it is. I’m not going to break down WHY water is so important (brain function, digestion, skin health, weight loss…there’s just so many) but I want to help you understand HOW you can drink enough water.

Understand that you can stay hydrated drinking beverages other than water. For example, a protein shake or coffee is going to be made mostly of water, so it IS a decent source. However, you may want to cut out calories or just simply increase water intake for health reasons. If that’s the case, you can just swap out what you are currently drinking for water. But if it’s not that easy for you, here’s what I find helpful:

1 ) For every drink you have that isn’t water, follow it with a glass of water.
2 ) Fill up a large bottle (shaker bottles work great because they hold 32oz) and keep it with you while you work. Most of us sit on our butts all day, and we won’t get up to drink water until we feel super thirsty. But if it’s sitting on your desk, you’re more likely to drink it.
3 ) Drink a large glass of water when you first wake up in the morning. Make it a habit, and you’ll find it’s much easier the rest of the day.

Keep in mind that water requirements vary tremendously by individual, but the 8×8 rule is a good place to start!

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