Too many calories, even if it’s from the healthiest foods in the world, is still too many calories.

A very common desire for people is building muscle with very little fat gain. It’s a valid desire. However, in that pursuit, I often see people trying to “clean bulk”, or just eat a ton of healthy food in an effort to gain “good” weight.

But it doesn’t work like that.

If your body needs 2500 daily calories, and you eat 5000 calories worth of nothing but chicken, rice, and salad every day, you’re still going to gain fat. While it’s great to prioritize healthier options, too many calories is still going to put you in too large of a caloric surplus.

Think about it this way- if you want to lose weight and you drastically cut your calories, you’re not going to see the results you want. Instead, you need to slowly decrease your calories over time to reach sustainable, realistic results.

Building muscle works the same way. You can drastically increase your calories suddenly, and you’ll build muscle (assumimg you’re working out for that) but you’ll also add unwanted fat. Instead, you need to slowly increase your calories over time to minimize fat gain.

By keeping your caloric surplus minimal, it will allow you to build muscle without adding a buttload of fat. And yes, you can even include a donut or twelve in that process.

If building muscle is your ultimate goal, please understand that fat gain is part of that process and inevitable. It’s totally normal! But using this approach, you can keep it to a minimum.

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