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How Much Damage Did Your “Binge” Actually Do?

How Much Damage Did Your “Binge” Actually Do?

It’s 8pm. All of a sudden, cravings strike. You eat everything in sight: chips, cereal, cookies, pretzels, chocolate…

It’s easy to list everything you ate and beat yourself up for losing control and binging. I mean, that’s a lot of different snacks. But let’s put it into perspective. This example is actually taken directly from a DM I got from someone who was upset that they had binged on all of these snacks.

If you look at the actual calories here, it really isn’t much. 10 potato chips, a cup of cereal, a Chip’s Ahoy cookie, a bag of mini pretzels, and a piece of chocolate. All of that food comes to 400 calories. Is 400 calories more than you would have liked to snack on? Maybe. But is 400 calories easy to move on from and get back on track? Absolutely.

One Lenny & Larry’s cookie is 400 calories. Many of us eat those all the time, and they are in no way a binge (I know they’re slightly healthier than eating the above snacks, but stick with me). We need to stop beating ourselves up for snacking. More often than not, it’s way less calories than you think it is.

It’s okay to snack. It’s okay to consume foods that aren’t the healthiest. And it’s okay to overeat. Odds are, the “binge” you are worried about is not a binge at all, rather slightly overeating. You’re not accidentally consuming 2000 extra calories. A few hundred extra calories in the grand scheme of things is nothing.

The above is just an example, but it’s a common one. Getting back on track after going 400 calories over your goal is incredibly easy! If you eat just 100 calories less for the next 4 days, you’ll be in the same exact spot as you would have been had you not had those snacks.

Don’t get hung up on your “snack attacks”. We’re all human, and it happens. Move on from it and you will be perfectly alright!

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