A very common question when people are just starting out is “how do I know how many calories to eat?” While there are too many contributing variables to give a completely accurate answer, this is the formula I have always fallen back on. There are tons of online calculators out there too, but some of us like to do it the old fashioned way.

Here in the US, we use the horribly useless imperial system, so there are some conversions here to get you over to the superior metric system. Regarding the activity factor, it is usually a safe bet to use the middle number (moderate exercise). Most of us are relatively sedentary at work, but exercise throughout the week. If you are an athlete, construction worker, or any other active profession AND you go to the gym, you’re in the “hard exercise” bracket.

Checkout the example as reference. If you want to figure out your calories, just use that formula and plug in your numbers! This will give you a solid idea of your BMR (what you burn every day to maintain your weight). If you have a fat loss goal, you’ll want to eat below this number and if you want to build muscle mass, you need to eat above this number. This isn’t perfect, but it will give you a very close approximation!

Numbers can be overwhelming, but I promise it is straightforward! If you’re confused, leave me a comment and I’ll try my best to help. Math has always kind of been my thing ?

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