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How Certain Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

Which foods are best for weight loss?

I get asked this question a lot. “What should I eat to lose weight?” Truthfully, there’s no real answer here. The so-called “best” foods are the ones that help you achieve a caloric deficit, and those might be different for you than they are for me.

Of course there are foods that are beneficial across the board. Eating leafy greens is a great idea because they are high volume and low calorie, so you’ll fill up with less calories. Most vegetables will fall into that category and are always a great choice.

Celery juice is repulsive, but if you’re the rare breed that actually likes it, then it can be great for weight loss. Not because it has some magic effects on your body, but because it can fill you up, helping you to be in a caloric deficit.

Ice cream can help you lose weight too. I’m not saying that adding ice cream to your diet will shed pounds. But if you’re someone who loves ice cream and you torture yourself by NEVER allowing yourself to enjoy it, your weight loss journey is going to not only be miserable, but unsustainable. By allowing yourself to enjoy it as a treat sometimes, it will make your journey much more tolerable, and you’ll actually be happy along the way.

Any food can help you achieve weight loss if it leads you to a caloric deficit.

Don’t neglect the mental aspect of weight loss. You don’t need to eat twigs and grass to lose weight. Work foods that make you happy into your diet and you’ll find this whole weight loss thing much, much easier.

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