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Healthy Ice Cream Pints

Sometimes you just want an entire pint of ice cream to yourself.

I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t like “healthy” ice cream. Out of all the kinds I’ve tried, Breyers Delights is my favorite, but still nothing that gets me super excited. I’ll take a regular ice cream or a “light” variety any day over most of the pints out there. Or @yasso bars- nothing comes close.

That being said, there’s certainly a market for these. It also seems like there’s a ton of turnover in this market, because 4 different pints I went to include are apparently no longer being sold. News to me!

Now, your definition of healthy might not be the same as defined by these pints, but I tried to stick with the more popular ones on the market. There are plenty more non-dairy or keto-friendly alternatives out there if that is more your speed.

I did include So Delicious, but it is specifically the frozen mousse product. Is frozen mousse considered ice cream? Maybe not. But I tasted it and it is unbelievably good, and the macros are similar to some of low calorie ice creams, so it seemed to fit in here. My post my rules, baby.

One thing worth noting is that the macros may not add up on a lot of these, because healthier ice creams tend to have sugar substitute in ‘em which will mess with the final calorie count. Take rebel as an example- if you add all the macros up, it’ll be closer to 800 calories because it’s not taking into account the sugar substitute within the carb total.

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