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Good Food Choices

It should never be “eat this, not that.” It should be “eat this sometimes, and that other times.” Your approach should always be balanced.

Cue the “these are all terrible choices” comments. If that is what you’re thinking, you are COMPLETELY missing the point and you need to take your rude face outta here.

Many of us are often looking for lower calorie alternatives to our favorite foods. Like the above, bagel thins and low calorie ice cream can be great additions to your diet if you enjoy bagels and ice cream. But they’re not the ONLY options.

Our diets don’t need to be all-or-nothing. You don’t need to give up bagels or ice cream if you love them (who doesn’t?), but you can choose to opt for an alternative to help you stay on track.

Personally, I’m not currently trying to lose weight, but I sometimes buy the bagel thins. Why? Because saving calories in certain areas allows me to allocate those calories to other foods. But you bet your carb-loving butt that if I truly want a bagel, I’ll eat a real bagel.

A balanced diet sometimes takes making sacrifices, but they don’t need to be sacrifices that make you miserable! Maybe you “sacrifice” the bagel for breakfast and opt for a bagel thin instead to enjoy the Strawberry Shortcake bar at night, knowing the total calories will balance out at the end of the day.

Balance and moderation are your two best friends.

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