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Getting The Most Out Of Your Greek Yogurt

Getting The Most Out Of Your Greek Yogurt

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying flavored yogurt, use this little trick to maximize your macros with any snack, not just greek yogurt…

When you buy yogurt, you’re typically buying a 5.3oz container. So the flavored yogurts will have less greek yogurt because they need to make room for the flavoring and toppings, leaving you with less protein goodness. Plus, your typical fruit yogurt will not only have the fruit itself, but also a jam of some sort to help enhance the flavor. Because of this, you’re getting more sugar than if there were just blueberries alone.

Simply buy yourself a plain greek yogurt and top with the fruit of your choice (or I recommend some low-cal maple syrup for extra goodness). For a lot of us, we’re trying to maximize our macros while minimizing our calories. And while this may not be a HUGE difference, making these small changes in our daily lives can help.

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with buying an already flavored yogurt. Especially with a company like Chobani that utilizes quality ingredients. But if you’re trying to maximize your macros, you can use this concept for many snacks- ice cream, cereal, oatmeal, etc. Simply get yourself the basic product and dress it up with your own ingredients rather than buying something already flavored. This works especially well with oatmeal, because the flavored instant oatmeals can be packed with extra sugar and flavoring that you might not need.

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