In today’s world, it’s very easy to ignore somebody.

Social media has changed the game. If a female posts a progress pic, they typically see a swarm of sleazy people making crude comments. Twitter mentions are often filled with trolls. Instagram posts have 100s of comments, most of which are automated messages saying something like “Cool profile!”

You’ve been conditioned to set it and forget it. The bullshit you come across on social media is not worth your time.

What you absolutely cannot forgot, is that you have a ton of true fans out there.

Sprinkled throughout those 100 comments, are some people genuinely trying to connect.

Let’s just say for a moment that you run a fairly successful online training business. On Instagram, you’ve gathered hundreds of thousands of followers. People truly admire you…

You post a mirror selfie with a short caption. Just a simple shoutout to your fans to check in and say good morning.

Quickly, the comments look something like this.

Instagram Fitness Comments

Safe to say, it won’t take you long to begin to ignore your comments all together.

But when you reach a certain level of popularity (when you have a ton of followers, you are popular, but you are not necessarily successful) your e-mail inbox becomes filled with spam, your comments become junk, and your messages are useless.

So, how in the world do you connect with your fans? You need to filter through the bullshit. There’s no other way.

One fan getting ignored by you is a missed sale.

If somebody emails you or leaves you a comment asking you for advice or tips, it is your responsibility to try to answer them.

The social media game makes it difficult, I get that. But imagine if, when you were a kid, you had the opportunity to talk to one of your idols. You approach them, say your one sentence that you had rehearsed, and they completely and blatantly ignore you.

You are heartbroken, and your idol takes a step back in your mind.

That may be an extreme example, but your fans are using social media and email to talk to you.

Give them one minute of your time now, and the possibility of them becoming a customer or client increases exponentially.

People make it way harder than it needs to be. If you receive an email in your inbox from somebody asking you to critique their workout plan, respond to them and politely thank them for reaching out, and let them know they’ll need to hire you as a coach before you can provide that information. Is that a guarantee they will sign up for your coaching? No, not by any means.

But by ignoring them completely, you’re giving 0% chance of that happening.

When you filter through the comments on your post and somebody says something like, “You are my inspiration! I really hope to meet you some day.” Take 2 seconds out of your day, reply and simply say “Thank you so much!”.

I have screenshots on my phone from when somebody I admire simply “liked” one of my photos. It meant the world to me.

Taking out a few minutes out of your day to respond to some of your true fans is going to go such a long way. We forget how much that means to people.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have fans. They are out there, I promise.

When you’re a small business or professional starting out, customer service is difficult to manage. Large companies have employees that exclusively handle that kind of stuff. When you’re on your own, you have to manage it all yourself.

But, this is what you signed up for. You’re setting out to make this venture as profitable and successful as possible.

Success is built one relationship at a time.

Alienate somebody, and they will not become a customer.

Simple acknowledge that same person, and the likelihood of them buying what you are selling skyrockets.

Give it a try. You’ll quickly notice the difference.


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