Flexible Dieting: It’s not just eating whatever you want

Flexible dieting eat whatever you want
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Tell people they can eat whatever they want and still be healthy, and they’ll either embrace it, or get REALLY angry at you because it’s not true.

Allow me to clear it up.

I preach flexible dieting all the time. It’s a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to eat whatever you’d like while still staying on track towards your goals. Who wouldn’t want that?

Problem is, people misunderstand (and will continue to misunderstand until the end of time) what that actually means. It doesn’t mean that you should eat whatever you want all the time. If we just ate whatever we wanted at all times with no regard for our overall health, we’d survive off of only donuts, ice cream, and pizza.

Flexible dieting means knowing that YOU CAN eat whatever you want at any time. It doesn’t mean you’re going to eat pizza every single day, but it’s understanding that you can enjoy pizza every once in a while and be perfectly healthy. And very happy.

Traditional and outdated dieting methods make us believe that choosing pizza is wrong, and eating it is counterproductive to a healthy life. That’s just not true- you can be perfectly healthy AND enjoy foods that may not be super nutritious.

We’re not robots. We’re going to have cravings. We’re going to want food that may be less than optimal. That is totally okay.

As long as we focus on living overall healthy lives, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having ice cream for dessert or Lucky Charms for breakfast.

People are going to continue to believe that they need to eat super nutritious foods 24/7 and that people should NEVER treat themselves. Let them continue to believe that, it’s their loss.

That just leaves more delicious food for the rest of us 🙃

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