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Having Fat Isn’t Unhealthy

It’s okay to have fat. We all do. You are human. It doesn’t make you unhealthy!

I talk about weight/fat loss a lot on here. That’s not because I think everyone should aim to lose fat- it’s solely because it’s something that so many people overcomplicate and I want to help simplify it.

I grew up absolutely hating my body (my stomach to be exact). I was a chubby kid, and I never enjoyed taking my shirt off. Whether at the beach or at a pool party, I would sit down and see all the folds in my stomach and immediately become self-conscious. It seemed like all of my friends were skinny, and I was embarrassed that all they could see when I sat down were rolls of fat.

But then, like magic, I would stand up and not hate my body so much. The rolls were gone, and thus my insecurity would temporarily dissipate. Looking back, I can easily make sense of this, but at the time, there was only one explanation: I was fat, and it was obvious to everyone when they’d see me sitting down.

Years went on, and I continued to dislike having my shirt off in public settings. Don’t get me wrong, I got myself into fairly decent shape along the way, and at one point I even cut down enough weight to have the coveted “six pack”. I thought that finally having abs would be the solution to my problem, and that I could NEVER be self conscious about my body if I had abs.

I was wrong.

As I’ve progressed in my journey and learned the ins and outs, I’ve come to realize that it’s not about having as little body fat as possible. At all. In fact, I feel significantly better having a little bit of fat on me and not perpetually trying to get in a deficit to stay as lean as possible.

You can be perfectly healthy and have some fat on your body. You might carry extra weight around your stomach or your thighs or your face- and that is totally fine!

Perfection doesn’t exist, especially when it comes to our bodies. And even if it did, who’s to say that extremely low body fat is what perfection is anyway?

Learning to be happy in your own skin is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you want to lose weight, you certainly can- sometimes it is absolutely necessary. But you don’t have to lose every single pound of fat to be healthy.

The goal shouldn’t be to get as lean as humanly possible (unless you’re competing, I suppose)- the goal should be to feel your absolute best. If that means having a little extra fat on your body, then so be it!

The closest we can ever get to a “perfect” life is one where we are truly happy. And I believe a huge part of that happiness stems from accepting who we are, fat and all.

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