Fat Isn’t Unhealthy

Fat isn't unhealthy
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It’s okay to have fat. We all do. You are human.

There was a time in my life when I was SUPER insecure. I envied what the fitness models had. I mean, rocking a 6-pack all year long with seemingly 0% body fat? To me, that was the epitome of what it meant to be healthy.

But as I got more involved in this industry, I learned the truth. Less than 1% of people out there are actually built like that. And if someone looks like they are, it’s usually thanks to clever angles and lighting.

I talk about fat loss a lot on here. That’s not because I think everyone should aim to lose fat- it’s solely because it’s something that so many people overcomplicate and I want to help simplify it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to diet down. You’re allowed to carry some fat on your body. We all do.

Maybe you tend to carry excess weight where you don’t want it- that’s not something we can control. Embrace it. You’re not unhealthy because you have some fat. In fact, you are perfectly healthy.

Perfection doesn’t exist. And if it did, whose to say that extremely low bodyfat is what perfection is anyway?

Learning to be happy in our own skin is the single best skill we can learn. Yes, I consider it a skill, because I understand how difficult it can be.

The closest we can ever get to a “perfect” life is one where we are truly happy. And I believe a huge part of that happiness stems from accepting who we are, fat and all.

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