We love our coffee here in the US. Drip, pour over, french press, cold brew, you name it. But many other countries have none of these, and drink espresso instead. So let’s chat about those drinks…

First things first, what exactly is espresso? Technically, it is coffee. Espresso is made from coffee beans, but it’s finely ground, brewed quickly and under very high pressure, yielding a very strong, rich shot caffeine.

An Americano is the closest thing you’ll get to coffee. It’s essentially a watered down shot of espresso. Since espresso shots are so strong, adding extra water gives you a drink similar to coffee, but with a bolder, more bitter taste.

A cappuccino is a mixture of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Typically, you’ll find a 1/3 ratio of all three, but that can vary. It’s the most “balanced” espresso drink that you can get.

A latte is a good choice if you want a more subtle espresso taste. With lattes, the majority of the drink is milk. Compared to a cappuccino, a latte will contain more milk, but less foam on top (that’s how you get that lovely latte art)

A macchiato can be one of two things- a latte macchiato, or an espresso macchiato. An espresso macchiato is a shot of espresso with a small amount of foam on top. But the latte macchiato, which we are used to here in America, is made of the same ingredients as a latte. However, it’s prepared differently, giving you a unique flavor. The espresso is poured after the milk, and will yield a stronger espresso flavor than a regular latte.

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