Easy Calorie Savers at Chipotle

Chipotle Calorie Savers
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Mexican food can be a really healthy option when eating out, but it can also quickly become very high calorie if you’re not careful.

You can make obvious changes like ordering a salad or skipping the chips & queso. But if you’re like me, you want to satisfy your big appetite. And if I’m going to Chipotle, I don’t really want to order a plain salad with no dressing. I want to go big! So let’s look at some easy swaps you can make…

A big calorie saver is swapping the burrito for a burrito bowl. I always go for a bowl, because I feel like you get much more bang for your buck. I mean, you can fit more food inside a bowl than in a tortilla.

Ditching sour cream and cheese will also save you a lot of calories. If you feel like you absolutely need either, I’d suggest getting sour cream on the side and asking for light cheese. But I always opt for tomato salsa, which is virtually calorie-free, instead of sour cream or other sauces.

One of my biggest “hacks” is asking for double meat and half carbs. A standard serving of chicken is 4oz, so asking for double chicken gets you a much heftier 8oz portion (and buttloads of protein). I love getting black beans and rice, but if you want to cut out some calories, ask for 1/2 servings of each. If you fill your bowl with vegetables (fajita vegetables and lettuce), you won’t miss the extra rice & beans. I promise you will barely notice they’re missing!

Don’t misconstrue it- there’s nothing wrong with the burrito! In this case, it’s very high calorie, but you can certainly make substitutions to get those calories down a bit. However, I always find a bowl much more filling, plus it lasts me longer.

What are you ordering at Chipotle?? I’m writing this as I’m sitting here super hungry, so now this is all I can think about.

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