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Don’t Trust Everyone…

Don’t Trust Everyone…

I feel bad for people that are just starting on their fitness journey today, because it’s impossible to know who to listen to and what advice you should take. I recently came across Dr. Oz’s 7 Day Calorie Confusion diet. Just take that in for a second. It’s exactly what it sounds like… in 7 days, you can “confuse” your metabolism and make it work faster. Guys, you can’t confuse your metabolism, even if a so-called doctor tells you that you can. This is the same guy that also promotes countless fat burning drinks and crazy anti-aging supplements because he MAKES MONEY when you buy the products. Similarly, a ton of fitness professionals out there will promote products simply because they are paid to do so.

I’m sure Dr Oz is very well-educated, but he is only interested in making money, so he will put out any information and promote any products that earn him a buck. To my point, just because he is a doctor, it doesn’t mean you should listen to him. This all circles back to fitness. There are probably millions of trainers and fit pros throwing out advice through social media, so how do you know who to trust? Just because Joe Tweedledee and Jane Tweedledum each have a NASM certification, it doesn’t mean they’re good trainers. It means they took an exam and passed. I passed physics in high school, it doesn’t make me a qualified physicist. I couldn’t even spell it until I looked it up.

If you’re scrolling through Instagram and wondering who you should listen to with all this conflicting advice, take your time and get to know someone. Go through their profile and posts and see what they’re all about. Do they truly care about helping with no hidden agenda? Do their values align with yours? Trust me, you’ll know when you come across someone trustworthy and knowledgeable. In no particular order, here are some people worth following that provide amazing fitness info: @syattfitness@lynettemarieh@alexbush_@mindpumpsal@fitnessjewell@briandecosta (and much more!)

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