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Does Fat Burning Gel Work?

Fat loss shortcuts do. not. exist.

Products like this sell really well, and they are going to continue to sell for the rest of eternity. Why? Because we’re always looking for shortcuts.

I’ve seen tons of these lotions and gels, and I’ll admit, there was a time in my life when I almost bought one in an effort to burn fat. I mean, according to them, you can rub this right on your stomach and burn the fat right off! Who wouldn’t want that?

Imagine if Jody (let’s give Karen a break) came up to you and said “I found the secret to a bigger booty- if you rub french fries on it, you’ll gain weight directly in your butt!” You’d call her crazy, amongst other things.

But when it’s the reverse, and targeted fat loss is promised, we continue to buy into it.

These companies use made up technology, cite studies that don’t support their claims, and target innocent people who don’t know any better. These are shady sales techniques used to deceive you, not help you.

So, allow me to clear it up- there is NEVER going to be a cream you can rub on your skin to make you lose weight. These products might “feel” like they work because they make you sweat. But if you rub some oil on your skin and then go workout, I promise you’ll sweat more- that has nothing to do with fat burning.

It’s not the sexy solution, but if you want to burn fat, you need to work for it. It may not be “instant”, but it’s real.

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