I absolutely love apples. Yeah they have lots of sugar, but I’m not prepared to argue with anyone on why that shouldn’t matter so much.
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Apples take on lots of forms when it comes to snacks. But what’s the difference? Check out the comparisons here- these all are for a 1/2 cup serving. Now keep in mind that 1/2 cup of apple slices is going to look very different than the chips. You’ll probably get around 6 slices, where chips will yield you 11 or so (but 3x the calories)
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Freeze dried apples are going to be the closest to raw. These slices are airy and crunchy, unlike other dried fruit that is soft and chewy. They make for a great crunchy snack if regular apples dont do it for you. Where you need to be careful though is apple chips- there is a big difference between baked and fried! Baked apple chips are awesome, as it is typically only apples and no other ingredients. You just need to be careful, since they’re chips, its easy to eat a buttload. But sometimes you’ll see “apple chips” and not realize they’re fried. Although delicious, this is essentially the same as potato chips, veggie chips, etc, but with more sugar. If you’re looking for a healthy snack and really wanting apple chips (they’re great on salads. Try it.) make sure to look for the baked ones!

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