Common Protein Supplement Buzzwords

Understanding popular supplement buzzwords
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Whey Protein: we’ve all purchased it. Whether you just mix it with water, bake, make smoothies, or snort the stuff, we’ve all at one point or another been in the market for a protein powder.

And when you’re shopping for a protein, you’re likely going to see a lot of phrases and words thrown around that sound really important, but turn out to be pretty useless. Marketing at it’s finest, people.

When it comes down to whey protein, there are 3 things you should be concerned about.

1) Whether or not it tastes like butt

2) If it’s reasonably priced

3) The macros aren’t total crap. Which in most cases, whey protein nutrition labels will look very similar.

Everything else is usually nonsense. You don’t need to look for Ultra-Advanced Super Absorption Matrix Whey Boomilate. It’s a macronutrient in powder form. Calm down.

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