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Cereal Comparison Guide

When I posted about cereal the other day I got a lot of “what about ____?” messages, so here is as comprehensive of a cereal breakdown as I can give you!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE cereal, and it’s really not unhealthy from a macro standpoint. Sure, they all have sugar, but if you hate sugar, they make boring cereals for you too! I just didn’t compare those here, because I’m not about that life. But by all meana, grab yourself some plain cheerios or corn flakes or chex.

I squeezed as many cereals as possible onto this guide, but what are some of your favorites that I’m missing?? Top of my list: waffle crisp! It’s unbelievably flawless. It’s just less celebrated by the masses, so I opted to leave it off here.

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