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Can You Eat Sugar And Still Lose Weight?

Sugar is our current enemy. Documentaries and “experts” paint it as such, so we have no choice but to buy in. But how bad is sugar really? Look, I don’t condone you going out and eating buckets of candy and processed garbage. But people are taking this to extremes. Yes, the US has an obesity problem and a large portion of that can be chalked up to the sugary crap foods that everyone eats. But is consuming sugar the problem? No, it’s the excess calories coming from the crappy diets.

I eat sugar every day. I eat cereal, oreos, waffles, you name it. But I’m healthy. Why? Because I understand moderation, and I know that the overall picture of my diet is what is important. A candybar isnt going to kill me. If you’re dieting, eating sugar isnt going to prevent you from losing weight. Hell, you can eat pure sugar cubes if you want. As long as you are eating healthy overall and hitting your caloric goals, any food is “okay” in moderation. Literally, any food. It always comes back to moderation.

What do I want you to take away from this? Don’t demonize sugar. If you want to cut out PROCESSED sugar then thats fine, your body doesnt need it (but if you enjoy it, go for it). But when you start cutting out fruit and certain vegetables because you’re afraid of the sugar content, you’ve taken it too far. Embrace the foods that make you happy and make you feel good. If it so happens to contain sugar, then you’re doing alright.

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