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Can You Afford a Gym Membership?

If you feel like you can’t afford to be fit, you may very well have the wrong priorities.

You’re allowed to spend your money on whatever you’d like. It’s YOUR money. If you want to get yourself coffee at Starbucks every day, you can. If you want comfy socks from Lululemon, by all means buy those socks.

But if you’re buying stuff like this and then complaining that you can’t afford a gym membership, you’re lying to yourself.

Now, these numbers are all estimated. Maybe your local gym is $60 per month, or maybe you only spend $12 at Starbucks every month – regardless of the exact numbers, I can say with confidence that joining a gym is far from the only way to be fit!

You can pay for some single classes without joining a gym, or you can buy some inexpensive resistance bands to do some workouts at home. Just because you’re not in the gym, it doesn’t mean you can’t workout!

Are you truly struggling with your finances? There are plenty of things you can do that are absolutely free- walking or running outside along with bodyweight exercises are great options and require absolutely no money whatsoever.

If you do want to join a gym, but have a difficult time justifying it- look at where you spend your money and break it down. Sometimes it’s as easy as giving up one single night out in order to pay for the membership, which is a very reasonable tradeoff for most.

A little trick I learned is to break it up by day- if your gym costs $30 per month, and you workout 3x per week, that means you’re only paying $2.50 per workout- definitely worth it!

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