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my e-book of 100 HIGH-PROTEIN WAFFLE recipes

healthy eating should never be boring...

This ebook promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. But what exactly should you expect from this book?

While every recipe is obviously different, I built this recipe book to allow you to prep the “base” waffle mix in bulk, then create waffles from that.

The main ingredients you’ll need are flour, vanilla protein powder, oat flour, vital wheat gluten, buttermilk powder, and baking powder.

The ingredients are slightly different if you go the gluten-free or vegan routes, of course.

Check out my Amazon list to see the ingredients and grab yourself some!

everything is better in waffle form...

check out some more recipes inside

Chicken & waffles

protein chicken & waffles

Coffee crumb cake

Protein Waffle crumb cake

dutch Stroopwafels

protein stroopwafels

Mozzarella Sticks

Protein mozzarella stick Waffle

pretzel waffle

Protein pretzel Waffle

Garlic bread

Protein garlic bread Waffle

Cannoli sandwiches

Protein cannoli Waffle

Egg McWaffle

Protein Waffle Breakfast sandwich

+ over 88 more!

bundle with the expansion pack of recipes

Go "Beyond The Waffle Iron" to get 35 bonus recipes you can make with the same waffle mix base...



Pop Tarts

Pretzel pizza

Pumpkin pie

Cinnamon rolls

This expansion pack of recipes answers one major question: “what if I don’t like waffles?”

While I firmly believe there’s a waffle recipe in the book for everyone, I know there’s more to life than waffles (for some people). That’s why I wanted to bring you Beyond The Waffle Iron, which allows you move beyond the waffle iron, so to speak, to turn the simple waffle mix recipe  into a ton of unique recipes.

Prep some protein waffle mix in bulk and use it to create pizzas, donuts, pop tarts, and so much more!

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Save on my Nutrition E-book!

My e-book to help you make sense of all the confusing nutrition info out there.

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What's in the book?

The (Unofficial) Official Nutrition Guide is 150+ pages of everything you could possibly want to know about the basics of nutrition. We’re going to cut through all the nonsense and get right to the things that you actually WANT to know.

Featured content:

Explore all the topics:

Breaking down calories, macronutrients, & micronutrients

  1. Reading the nutrition facts
  2. FDA regulations
  3. Making sense of net carbs
  4. Added sugar
  5. The different types of fat
  6. Sodium & cholesterol
  7. Organic, natural, & processed food
  1. What makes a diet?
  2. What’s a caloric deficit, anyway?
  3. energy expenditure (calories out)
  4. patience: the secret ingredient
  5. When/how to lower calories
  6. reverse dieting
  7. What to eat & What not to eat
  8. cheat days: are they necessary?
  9. the Flexible dieting approach
  10. It’s not always about losing Weight
  1. Calculating your own caloric needs
  2. Figuring out your macros
  3. cycling your calories
  1. getting started With Food tracking apps
  2. measuring portions and Weighing Food
  3. Weighing food cooked versus raw
  4. do you need to track everything?
  5. tracking alcohol
  6. hoW to track When eating out
  7. When to stop tracking
  8. is tracking right For you?
  9. knowing What or how much to eat if you are not tracking
  1. My staple foods
  2. Five easy bulk recipes
  3. Five recipes in 15 minutes or less
  4. Basic meal prep tips
  5. Sample full days of eating based on goals
  6. Getting in enough protein
  1. Setting realistic expectations
  2. Breaking through plateaus
  3. Looking beyond the scale
  4. Dealing with setbacks
  5. BMI: a terrible measure of progress
  1. Food isn’t good or Bad
  2. “eat this, not that”
  3. everything in moderation
  4. how to handle cravings
  5. dealing With overeating
  6. others judging your Food choices
  7. your Food choices do not define you
  8. having Bad days
  9. striving For perfection
  10. Finding the right Balance
  1. starvation mode
  2. detox tea
  3. Fat Burners
  4. negative calorie Foods
  5. Taking advice from doctors
  6. eating at night
  7. celery juice
  8. the anabolic Window
  9. clean Bulking
  10. apple cider vinegar
  11. intermittent Fasting
  12. spot-reducing
  13. protein absorption limit
  14. meal Frequency
  15. daily calories
  16.  turning Fat into muscle
  17. Fasted cardio
  18. sugar causes Weight gain
  1. Making sense of health studies
  2. The chocolate diet hoax
  1. Your view is skewed
  2. Social media influencers and “fitness models”
  3. You do not have to lose weight

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