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Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training is the gift that keeps on giving, and it goes well beyond simply trying to be muscular. Let’s dive into a few of the many benefits of weight training.

It seems that people are still absolutely terrified that working with weights is going to make them “too muscular”. Look, I’ve been trying to be “too muscular” for 12 years… you’re not suddenly going to become a huge monster by lifting some weights. Promise. On the contrary, it’ll give you have that “muscle tone” *shutters* that so many are after.

From a dieting perspective, weight training is hugely beneficial. Not only will the workouts themselves burn significant calories, but when you increase your overall muscle mass, it increases your caloric needs (aka boosts your metabolism) allowing you to eat more at maintenance. And I don’t know about you, but eating more is something I can’t complain about.

The most underrated benefit of weight training is the mental impact. As someone who has long struggled with anxiety, I can say first-hand just how much working out has helped me. Weight training is my therapy, and the boost it gives to my overall mood is something that I value very highly.

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