It’s pizza Friday!! Are you celebrating tonight?

I love all types of pizza, but homemade pizza is always the best. Problem is, you don’t always want to do it all yourself, and if you opt for a frozen pizza, in most cases they’re either terrible or terrible for you. I came across these pizza crusts at Target and they are just too good not to share! You can make a pita or flatbread pizza, but the best part of a good pizza is the crust! These thin crusts actually bake up to taste like an authentic crust. Seriously, stock up on these! And entire pizza crust has 300 calories, I mean come on!

You can top the pizza with whatever you’d like, but this is obviously the basic. You can buy pizza sauce, but most have added sugar and other nonsense, so I prefer to just buy organic tomato sauce and spice it up myself. For cheese, the fat free will yield you the best macros. For you dairy free folks, I use the almond shreds from Trader Joe’s when I make pizza and absolutely love it.

So what are you waiting for? Get your butt you target and make yourself a gourmet pizza for pizza Friday! And if you’ve found a comparable crust somewhere, let me know! I’m always on the hunt for pizza crusts that aren’t 1000 calories in the crust alone.

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